3 Benefits of Using a Single Provider for Multiple FM Services

There’s so much to think about in day-to-day building management – everything from window cleaning to fire extinguisher maintenance – and it’s essential to the smooth operation of the business that each service is delivered reliably and efficiently.

Organising for so many distinct tasks to be carried out within one building is an enormous challenge, which is why many building managers are turning to a single provider for multiple facilities services rather than using several different contractors.

Let’s look at a few of the benefits of using a single facilities management company.

Dealing with multiple contacts is time-consuming and stressful

Contacting several suppliers – all based in different locations – and arranging for them to attend site and not tread on each others’ toes can be a logistical headache, whereas a single provider will be able to synchronise its activities internally in order to minimise disruption.

Plus, a single relationship is easier to establish and maintain, you receive a consistent service and there will be clear accountability should an issue arise.

Premium service at reduced rates 

A facilities management provider supplying a single service to your building may be less inclined to prioritise your site in an emergency when it has another client multi-sourcing from it.

Conversely, if they’re carrying out multiple jobs in your building then they’re relying on you for your regular business as much as you depend on them for their services – so you’re sure to be well looked after.

In addition, using a single facilities management company for multiple services means you’ll enjoy better rates than you would by sourcing the services individually.

Simplified payments

Processing separate invoices – and subsequent queries – from multiple providers is another avoidable cost when you can receive a single bill for combined services. Your accounts team will certainly thank you for it!

In order to make significant cost and time savings, managers of sites ranging from commercial offices and warehouses to shopping malls and distribution centres across the UK are using Multi-Serve from Bespoke Facilities Management.

Multi-Serve helps you to get the most out of your money, and it’s so simple – the more services you source from us, the lower our costs are, meaning we can pass the savings on to you.

Rather than having different contacts for, say, landscaping, building maintenance and commercial cleaning and attempting to co-ordinate their site visits, just make a single call to Bespoke and we’ll take care of the rest.

As well as enjoying preferential rates, you’ll benefit from a consistent service, tailored to you. A single dedicated point of contact means clear communication and more efficient use of your time.

Plus, you’ll have access to web-based project management tools that allow you to remotely monitor all our services.

With a portfolio of prestigious clients across multiple sectors served by our highly-trained operatives, at Bespoke we’re experienced in the efficient management of even the most demanding sites. So, no matter how many services you require, you can be sure we’ll deliver.

To find out more about Multi-Serve from Bespoke, call 01926 754001 or email info@bfml.co.uk today.

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